From the floodplain…

It turned out to be an incredibly busy summer with many new designs at Spyralle, as fast as I could turn them out (which means not very – I have a full time “day” job) but nothing in the blog.

This happened for the most mundane of reasons (besides lack of time): I forgot the password. Not only that, I forgot the password of the email account I used to sign up for this blog. Those were not the only links in the chain of missing information. Suffice to say, I put off taking the time to track everything down, but now it is tracked. And Spyralle’s blog is back on track.

Since this engine never really got out of the station, there is a LOT to do, not least the look of the thing, which I will be working on in the coming weeks, I hope. Second, I need to take some steps to get this blog seen. I have counted on hit-or-miss methods in-world in SL to get the word out about Spyralle, and it is clearly not enough.

And if you are finding me, finally, welcome! I hope there will be more for you to see as we go forward.

But first, I want to do a little looking back. The very first Spyralle dresses – the “Danse!” Twilight series – are permanently marked down to a very low price now and are likely to be moved out soon, if not permanently retired.  I have learned a lot since then, but these are still among my favorites.

Spyralle Danse! - Twilight 1

Spyralle Danse! - Twilight 2: Dusk

Spyralle Danse! - Twilight 3: Starlight

Spyralle Danse! - Twilight 4: Darkness

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