Looking Back II: Petals

Again, I’m taking the liberty to look back on early Spyralle that is about to be marked down permanently, if not retired.

All Spyralle wearable art is textured with my own original fractal images, carefully tailored to garment form within Second Life. The images are generated in special software from mathematical parameter files. My parameter files, color gradients and images date back as far as 1992. Most of the images I use in my art in Second Life are based on fractal art work I did in 2002, using the program UltraFractal.

The “Petal” series of dresses and gowns is based on an image that superimposes semi-transparent layers of petal-like forms, created with an “orbit trap” coloring algorithm. A coloring algorithm is one way of translating the underlying fractal function formula into a colorful image.

Spyralle Apple Blossom fractal gown

Spyralle Lemon Blossom fractal gown

Spyralle Misty Fern fractal petal gown

This design also comes in pale blue and peach. All colors are permanently discounted until I need to move them out to make room for new things.

A lavender special edition version called “Wisteria” was available briefly this year and may appear again in the spring.

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