Chione, Goddess of Snows

The Enruffled Fae are a series of costumes I’ve been making for about a year now, using a gorgeous set of fractals I’ve been exploring since 2002. The core image is one I used in the original Spyralle art collection in 2009, a fractal “painting” I called “Enruffled.”

The Enruffled dresses come in two series so far, a set of ball gowns, of which I have released only two on a limited basis, and the Fae series, beginning with “Airborne.”  The latest is Chione, Goddess of Snows – because a friend asked me if I would make a white version, so I did.

Spyralle "Chione, Goddess of Snows" dress

Spyralle Chione Corset (sold separately)

The dress and corset are sold separately. And… it just happens that the Letter of the Week this week is C …

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