I <3 Originals Fair 2011

I am honored to be part of this event, featuring some of the best designers in SL. Here are the new releases from Spyralle.

Gossamer Valentine – I’ve been working on Gossamer for the better part of a year. These first two colors are just for Valentine’s Day and the I ❤ Originals Fair.

Spyralle Gossamer Valentine

Gossamer Valentine from Spyralle, only at I ❤ Originals Fair

Botanica:Heart Skirts – Based on a beautiful kaleidoscope fractal I’ve done in many colors, these are the first in a series of skirts with the working name Bombast, because they are a bit bombastic…but such fun! The Valentine ones are especially for the Fair, and there’s a short tutu version of the Sunset color in the hunt. After the Fair, look for all the colors, long and short at Spyralle.

Spyralle Botanica Heart skirts

Botanica:Heart Skirts from Spyralle, only at the I ❤ Originals Fair

ZigZag Skirts – Another fun kaleidoscope of a fractal.  You never know what you’re going to get. I love these!

Spyralle ZigZag Skirts

ZigZag skirts in (from top left, clockwise) Nitro, Cool Tweed, Blue Steel and Bronze

LoveBorne, the last element – But not the least! For Valentine’s Day and the Fair, this fae favorite glows in red.  Not just for role play, the Borne series is also magic in the boudoir…

Spyralle LoveBorne

The last element, but not the least - LoveBorne

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