Memories of the South Island

It was a long time ago. A Sunday morning in December, very early, and I was very young. We were in the square, and I remember gazing up at the cathedral, thinking how like an old English town it looked. There were flowers everywhere, rampant summer.

We had driven in the evening before to find out that our flight out was canceled due to a transport strike. We did not know what we were going to do or where we were going to stay. But it all worked out somehow; I don’t remember. What I do remember is the cathedral on that brilliant Sunday morning.

And I remember stopping on Friday at Lake Wakatipu in Central Otago and the lupine flowers – the purples, the pinks, the golds. A heaven of color that no camera could ever hold.

Here, then. Some purples, some rose and gold from me. To give something back, in a tiny way, if I can.

Spyralle's "Jewels of Otago" dress for Garden City Relief

For the Garden City Relief event, "Jewels of Otago" from Spyralle, with love.

This dress is in the Garden City Relief event at Copley Square this coming week. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to to New Zealand earthquake relief. I don’t have a way to get the slurl right now, sorry, but you can find the sim on the map, or look up MOOD jewelry in search.

“Otago” is a three piece dress, but you can wear the parts separately. I love the blouse and bodice with jeans. And it’s a fractal, of course! This is an exclusive at the event. It will be priced higher in the shop afterward.

The hair is Amacci, the skin is Tres Blah, and the setting is Ode.

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