Fashion For Life

So much has happened in the last few weeks! First, I was added to Fashion For Life just a couple of days before it opened. I didn’t know it was on this year – my fault for not watching the right blogs, etc. But I took 2 days off and worked like a maniac making NINE new releases, three of which are donations for cancer research.

I am so proud to be part of Fashion For Life. This cause is deeply important to me personally because I am a cancer survivor.

Spyralle Gossmer in Black for RFL: Strength

You can stand strong and be beautiful, even in chemo.

Spyralle Enruffled gown in Blue for RFL: Hope

As you emerge from treatment, the world takes on color once again.

Spyralle Heliconia Fire Opal for RFL: Joy

And day by day, you find joy and wonder in life.

Heliconia, Enruffled and Gossamer are each released in three special new colorings for Strength, Hope and Joy, representing the journey through cancer and treatment. Strength is in black and white and grey, like the FFL sims. In the Hope editions, color emerges. In Joy, colors are brilliant and saturated.

Spyralle FFL is located on the Irving Penn sim. I also have a 10L gatcha in the cafe just down the road. I’ve gathered up a bunch of my button-back waist cinchers and put them in the gatcha for just 10L each.

Spyralle fractal waistcinchers - RFL Gatcha

Spyralle Button-back waist cinchers - RFL Gatcha

I hope you will go to Fashion for Life and support this cause.

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