At home in my dreams…

Fantasy is my native land … out of Wonderland and Middle Earth and Hogwarts and D’ni I came to this country of imagination. And festival time is here! We Relay for Life.

Glory Wings for RFL from Spyralle

Glory Wings from Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal, exlusively for Fantasy Faire

Gossamer Gown in Purple, exclusive for RFL Fantasy Faire from Spyralle

Gossamer Gown in Purple, exclusively for RFL Fantasy Faire from Spyralle

The Gossamer gowns are not much more than a tattoo – a few ribbons and swirls of fractal lace – and an optional whisper of a skirt. I’ve done them now in Valentine’s Day colors, the three versions (Strength, Hope and Joy) for Fashion for Life, and now purple for Fantasy Faire…

But I never released the original, dreamed from the towers of lacy light I build out of fractals for Burning Life, my first magical year as an artist on the playa. Here now, at last, is Gossamer Iridescent…

Gossamer Iridescent - the original Gossamer gown

Gossamer Iridescent - you know you saw it in your dream...

This will be exclusively at Fantasy Faire for the duration of the event.

I have two more RFL special releases to show you and more new releases just out at the fair, including some very exciting fractal wings. I’ll blog them in a day or two.

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