Fantasy Faire 2011

I have hardly seen the Faire myself yet, but what I have seen is marvelous. That word is overused, but I mean it literally: full of marvels. What a happy thing to play a small part in such a community of creativity!

More from Spyralle…

Spyralle Harlequin Fractal Wings in Purple for RFL

Harlequin Fractal Wings for RFL

These wings are a special color for Relay for Life, newly released at Fantasy Faire. Five other colors are also available at the Faire for this new release.

Eos, Goddess of Dawn, fae dress for RFL

Eos, Goddess of Dawn, for RFL

Eos is a soft violet and white version of the Enruffled Fae series, companion to Undine and Chione. Try her with the Chione Corset! Maybe I’ll make her a corset of her own.

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