And Summer Comes…

For many weeks I have not posted – partly due to demands from my “other” life, partly due to stepping back for a while. After the spring RFL events I needed a break and some time to grapple with artistic issues. What came out of that was this decision: Although there is always room to learn and improve my work – and I strive always to learn and improve – I will not sacrifice my creative integrity and the uniqueness of my work to conform to a received style.  If people want sameness, there are hundreds of places they can go. Spyralle will not be one of them.

This sent me to my studio with renewed energy.  Here are some of the recent releases that have come out of that period of ferment. Many of them are made available at reduced prices from time to time, so please watch the notices.

Spyrall "Ragged" fractal top and skirt in purple

Spyralle Ragged fractal top and skirt in Purple

The “Ragged” series is crafted from the Series 2 wings that were carved out of a very old series of images I made in Fractint using a Robert Carr fractal formula.  Fractint’s 256-color GIF images with one layer are considered primitive by today’s standards, but I love them for their brilliant stained-glass quality. No butterflies were harmed in the making of these garments.

Spyralle Garden Party Frock "Early Hyacinth"

"Early Hyacinth" - a garden party frock from Spyralle

Some months back I used these delightful Julia fractals with a “harlequin” orbit trap overlay to make a series of afternoon dresses in soft wool-silk jersey.  This one was reworked into a more playful style for a hunt. The other colors will follow as time permits. However, zooming deeper into the colorful swirls I have come up with new inspirations you will see in the next post.

Ragged – Purple was photographed at the Garden of Da Vinci. Skin: Tuli Sara. Hair: Elikatera

Early Hyacinth was photographed at Ode. Skin: Tuli Sara. Hair: Amacci Doris.

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