S is for Spyralle

Back this weekend for Letter of the Week…

This week’s letter is S, and I could have chosen anything, but there are so many pretty S things at Spyralle, why not go with it? I chose to feature some past limited releases for LOW, put please check everything at Spyralle that starts with S. You may find some secret sales. Shhh….

Spyralle Enruffled in Black (Strength)

You do not know your own Strength.

Enruffled “Strength” is one of a series of nine gowns created to celebrate my survival of breast cancer. Three (Gossamer Strength, Enruffled Hope and Heliconia Joy) were part of the Fashion for Life donation program for the American Cancer Society. All nine will return to Spyralle after the conclusion of Relay for Life. This weekend you can get Enruffled Strength for half price.

The star-strewn skirt comes with matching rose belt bedewed with pearls. A lower prim version without the belt is included.

Symmetry shibori dyed silk jersey dress in purple

Symmetry - whisper soft silk jersey, shibori dyed the colors of dusk

These rich symmetrical fractal patterns have intrigued me for years.  They are not what you expect when you think “fractal.” My explorations turned into color fantasies for you to wear.

The three-quarter sleeve top can be worn separately. This silk jersey set comes with two pairs of matching leggings that can also be worn separately.

Enruffled credits:  Skin and hair base – Glam Affair Layla Light MSW 01

Symmetry credits:  Skin – Pulse Life (version no longer available); Hair – Calico Ingmann “Luna” in Raven; Boots – Lil Fox (no longer available).


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