1.Perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.
2.A difficult situation; a practical dilemma.

Synonyms: perplexity – embarrassment – dilemma – puzzle

Have you ever been in a Quandary? I have. And you can be too, most colorfully.  My little fractal glass bangle was such a hit at 4.44.444, I made some more, using this strange little fractal image that seems both organic and industrial, almost steampunkish. The etched pattern came most unexpectedly from an orbit trap overlay.

Quandary fractal glass bangles from Spyralle

Are you in a quandary? It might turn out to be delightful!

The bracelets come in pairs, left and right, and they are available separately by color or as a set of all four colors, with a special introductory price this weekend.

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2 Responses to Quandary

  1. Isle says:

    I have a mental picture of a quandary being a small cardboard box that requires a secret pass code that you must punch into the lock before the box top pops open and launches you back into the open with a solution… to whatever.

    These bracelets would be just the thing to wear while inside the box, pondering combinations. They are lovely.

  2. kerryth says:

    Thank you, Isle. 🙂

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