Before the clock strikes midnight…

You must prepare for your magical coach to turn back into a pumpkin. But it will be a magical pumpkin, and you will go in style with cinnamon and nutmeg and bronze and gold. Spyralle feasts on more fall colors with this new Symmetry corset. It is a darker, richer flavor than the Candy Corn version.  I’ll leave it at the special price until Thursday night. (Technical note: the Mirror mapping in UltraFractal is extremely useful for finding cool images like this.)

Spyralle's Pumpkin Symmetry Fractal Corset

Spyrall's Fractal Symmetry Corset - Pumpkin

The bright butternut gown is an unreleased color of Enruffled Fae. I wonder if the Spyralle Studio members would like it…

Unfortunately, some of the items in the picture are no longer available. I have recommended designers whose current work approaches the same aesthetic.
 Skin: Zullay Designs – Ethereal Skins – Fae- Subtle (no longer available)
    – For a similar look, try Tres Blah or Mynerva
 Hair: Miriel Gibson Girl Hair (no longer available)
    – For a similar look, try Elikatera
 Dress: Spyralle Enruffled Fae Butternut – unreleased
 Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Eyes – Deep Clover Green

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