Harvest Promise

The mechanics of making fractal garments the way I make them seem to be different from the way other designers work. I have seen enough tutorials by now to know that I use a different approach. Most clothing makers in SL start with a garment shape and add textures, details and shading. I almost always start from the fractal.

Spyralle Autumn Promise Fractal Top

Autumn Promise from Spyralle: Spring will come again.

I look through images from my library of original fractals until I find some that intrigue me or fit a theme I am trying to follow, and I start placing them on the avatar, looking for an edge, a shape within the image, a structure, a play of color that might be worth working with. (I spent a lot of lindens uploading trial images; now I do the preliminaries using the 3D capabilities of CS5.) It is analogous to draping on a dress form in RL rather than cutting out a pattern. The fractal image suggests the kind of garment that will come out of it.

Of course, that is only the beginning. There may be hours to months of work that follow the choice of “fabric. Not every fractal cooperates; not every idea works out. But sometimes there is unexpected magic.

The Autumn Promise blouse was one of those bits of serendipity. I had tried a bunch of different fractals in quick succession, leaving them as layers rather than starting over. A coil trimmed from an older art piece began to suggest a neckline, gold threaded over harvest colors with streaks of purple. I accidentally turned on one of the rejected layers underneath and saw … frilly green lace peeking out from behind the golds and oranges.

It ended up with dozens and dozens of layers – I don’t know if I will ever be able to produce it in other colors – but here it is. You can find it a very special price for a limited time at The Theme Park, along with the original art piece that inspired it and a rug made from a more autumn-colored version of the lace fractal.

Spyralle Fractal Rug - Feather Garden

Spyralle Fractal Rug - "Feather Garden" (from Kerryth Tarantal Studio)

Hair: Truth “Isla”
Skin: Pulse Kissed “Creame” freckled
Jeans: fri.day Iunno jeans (Light Washed)
Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Clover Green

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