Yarrow Green

The suite of fractal images I have named “Enruffled” continues to fascinate me with forms suggestive of falling water, oak leaves and swirling galaxies. The base formula is called “u-draw10_08” from a very large public compilation of fractal formulas called Orgfrm dating back to the peak of the Fractint era. It may still be available for download. I used it in UltraFractal, experimented with it, layered it up and so on – and got hundreds of lovely images out of it. Many of them make beautiful clothing and “Yarrow Green” is one of my favorites, shown here in a little dress, simple but cute.

Spyralle Yarrow Green Fractal Dress

Spyralle Yarrow Green Fractal Dress

Yarrow Green is a new release, available exclusively at The Theme Park until the end of November, at a very special price.  Other colors are coming soon to Spyralle.

Hair: TRUTH Astrid – honey
Skin: Curio Pout PFJ Exclusive – Petal dark
Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Clover Green
Pose: marukin [neutres] Wallflower

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