Patina is the beautiful green of antique copper, left out in the rain. This is for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

Spyralle Promise Blouse in Patina

Spyralle Promise Top in Patina

Long ago, the very first web page I ever saw that struck me as truly beautiful was a design by a woman called Moyra. Her work inspired me to learn web design, Photoshop – all of it, long before I walked in pixel worlds. She could paint patina; she used this beautiful color. They would be considered quaint and antique now, her beautiful pages, but I still think they were wonderful.

Spyralle Promise in Patina - back view

Promise was made in Iron for last week’s challenge but I did not get it done in time.  It will be out with all the Promise colors in a few days. Right now, Patina is half price at Spyralle, in Separates and Casuals.

Hair: Truth Isla
Skin: Pulse Fae #2

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8 Responses to Patina

  1. Veronica Ogleby says:

    WOW Stunning top! I really love the detail in it! I need to hit that store, as I have never been there!

  2. Aw I wondered where I saw that name… /me stares at the Spyralle Zig Zag skirt I bought.
    That top is absolutely fabulous front and back!

  3. Pretty, great texture on the top.

  4. That top is just beautiful, and you show it to amazing advantage!

  5. kerryth says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. I’m delighted that you like it. 🙂
    ~ Kerryth

  6. this top is amazing and your pics are so soft and beautiful, really love them

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