Looked upon strictly as a color exercise, the “season” of Valentine’s Day is a good and useful thing. Yes, I am in a silly mood at the moment. Red and pink together, even with tempering white, is not a choice I would make unless assigned. But then I find myself getting into the spirit of it, especially if there is chocolate. I do ❤ chocolate.

Spyralle has some specials out, not new but rephotographed…

Spyralle LoveBorne - A Fractal Romance 2 piece dress

Spyralle LoveBorne - A Fractal Romance - at the Theme Park

Spyralle Danse Valentine

Spyralle Danse Valentine - Weekend Special February 3 - 5

The hair in both photos is “Evelyn” by Truth. I’ve been wearing this hair in every color for weeks, and I love it.  My hair preferences have always been “short and sassy” or “messy up-do” and Evelyn is perfect for the latter look.

The skins are from the Curio “Jewel” collection in Golden tones, my go-to skins at the moment for photos. I am enjoying the vintage and vaguely exotic look of this face, especially the fact that it does not look like what one sees everywhere else these days.

Because I have been asked about it by a couple of people, I’ll add that the shape is my own, from scratch.

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