Alice Blue

Alice Blue” is this week’s color in the the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. I was surprised. I always thought Alice Blue was the color of the Alice’s dress in the well known animated movie of Alice in Wonderland. This icy color was not what I expected – but it’s a great color! I even have a lot of it in my wardrobe.

My “Vapor” fractal corset is almost Alice Blue except for the pinkish parts, so I have tweaked it a little and released a “limited edition” for this week only, to meet the Challenge. The Alice Blue bits are the pale stripes. They look white next to the rest of the pattern but they’re that blue, truly!

Spyralle Fractal Symmetry Corset Alice Blue

'Alice Blue' - Symmetry Fractal Corset from Spyralle

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2 Responses to Alice Blue

  1. Raphaela Palmer says:

    Very pretty, and the corset is gorgeous too. Thanks for making it, it has inspired my Alice blue pic as well.

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