Oh, and it is Folly, is it not? Love, I mean. Such fools we are for love!

Spyralle 'Heart's Joy' fractal gown in the Enruffled series

Spyralle 'Heart's Joy' gown, in the Enruffled series

The floating skirt is wreathed about at the waist with roses, bedewed with pearls. A designer’s folly – you don’t even want to know how many prims. 😉 It’s an altogether ridiculous, over-the-top romantic dress. I do adore it.

This confection of a dress is for Luna Jubilee’s 50 Weeks of Color Challenge, and it’s half price this week at Spyralle.

The hair is Truth Bonnie in Latte, and the skin is Curio Jewel in Shell [Dark] Ruby 1. The eyes are Fashism Egyptian Blue, and the pose is Victorian 2 from Olive Juice.

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