Fashion for Life 2012

Spyralle is honored to be a participant in Fashion for Life 2012. Fashion for Life is SL’s longest-running  and most successful fashion fair. All donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society–that’s 100%.

I am a 3-time cancer survivor, blessed to be in remission since 2009, so this cause means nothing less than life itself to me personally.  In my store at the Fashion for Life you will find four new Spyralle designs whose proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society to fight this dreadful disease – because It’s Time for a Cure!

Spyralle Endellion Opal for Fashion for Life

Spyralle Endellion Opal for Fashion for Life 2012

Endellion is a project that has been some time coming. This lingerie gown is crafted from another of the lovely lace fractals I discovered more than ten years ago and have brought to so many of my Second Life creations – from delicate wearables (a bit on the fae side) to jewelry to fantasy towers at Burn2. There is only one color so far, as it is still something of a work in progress in my mind.

Spyralle Mesh Slim Skirt - Moments in Time - Midnight

Spyralle Moments in Time - Mesh Slim Skirt

Moments in Time – inspired by this year’s theme “It’s Time” – and by the many hours it took to render these flame fractals in Apophysis! I have only been working with Apophysis for about 5 months, and these stained glass images are only the second set I have used for work in SL. How appropriate to apply them to something as new as mesh clothing!

Proceeds from “Midnight” go to Fashion for Life. You can also find five other colors of this new Spyralle release at the event: Red Sunset, The Gloaming, May Morning, Rain, and August Afternoon. I wear them with my favorite Sn@tch cashmere sweaters and my Jada Humby “Aliyanah” boots (not in the picture, alas).

Spyralle Whimsy Top - Violetta - for Fashion For Life 2012

Spyralle Whimsy Top - Violetta - for Fashion For Life 2012

I get such a kick out of simple, loopy fractal images like this! No layering, no refinement – just swoopy shapes and lots of color! So I made this simple, whimsical top – brand new for Fashion for Life. Violetta is the color that is 100% for the benefit, but you can find five other colors at the fair: Aquabella (blue, of course), Diabolo (red and black), Pierot (black and white), Primavera (pastels), and Chartreuse. The pants are “Carnivale” from Sn@tch, which always has something to wear with everything. Sn@tch never fails me!

I’ll try to add more pictures later, but this is already a very long post, and I’m not even done with the four benefit releases. And there’s a hunt prize, too!  This work has kept me too busy to blog for the last month, but the fair is open, I’m exhausted, and I’m going to take a little break to go shopping!

The eyes are ‘Sunrise’ Egyptian Blue by Ikon Innovia, whose store used to be Fashism and is now IKON. The hair in the first two pictures is “Evelyn” from Truth; in the third picture it is “Astrid” from Truth.  “Endellion” and “Whimsy” are worn over Curio’s Jewel Skin in the Gold Tones – I LOVE this vintage look! I also love the exquisite Pulse Blush Skin T3/20+/M6 by Lorac Farella, worn in the “Moments” picture.

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