Aquamarine on Secret Wednesday

I did not have the Aquamarine Whimsy top done in time to send in for Secret Wednesday, but it is finished now and out with the other new Wednesday Whimsy, Belle Spirale. These are at Spyralle only, not at Fashion for Life, but there are six colors at FFL (not to mention my full allowance of prims!), so I think I’ll keep these home, where they are a very low 49L today. Aquamarine is this week’s color in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

Spyralle Whimsy fractal top in Aquamarine

Spyralle Whimsy top in Aquamarine - 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

(I did have Yarrow Green out for Avocado week, but I have featured it in my blog before so I did not want to repeat. It’s still there – and at FFL too.)

Belle Spirale Whimsy fractal top from Spyralle

'Belle Spirale' Whimsy fractal top from Spyralle

The credits are just the same as for the last Whimsy post, except different Sn@tch pants.

I still have two pictures to post for my FFL items…

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  1. You have such a cute look! Love the hair! 🙂

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