Return to Park Place

After the amazing dream that was Fantasy Faire and a little “vacation” to recuperate, I have returned to what passes for ordinary in SL, doing the things we all do – a little shopping, a little inventory labor. And, of course, Making Things, which is the most fun.

Spyralle Fractal Tile Side Table - Fiesta

Spyralle Fractal Tile Side Table – Fiesta

This cheerful little accent table was my offering for Secret Wednesday yesterday. If you missed it, do not mourn. It will remain at Spyralle in Loring Park Place at regular price. This is one of a small series of octagonal tables I have brought out in the last few weeks to showcase some of my favorite fractal images out of my vast, colorful treasure trove.

You may also enjoy new releases in my Steampunkish Orrery series. These came out at Fantasy Faire and are back in Spyralle now. More colors will be available soon.  These are made from flame fractals of the Julian variety, created in Apophysis.

Spyralle Orrery Table - Purple

Spyralle Orrery Table – Purple

Spyralle Orrery Table - Silver

Spyralle Orrery Table – Silver

I made seats to go with these, too – my first furniture with poses! Each one has three poses, and they’re copy/no transfer. These are no mod as well. In fact, even if you have a mod version of an Orrery piece, I do not recommend modding them, at least not without a backup.

Spyralle Orrery Seat - Purple

Spyralle Orrery Seat – Purple

Spyralle Orrery Seat - Silver

Spyralle Orrery Seat – Silver

Finally, the Bronze – to go with the original Orrery Table…

Spyralle Orrery Seat - Bronze

Spyralle Orrery Seat – Bronze

I have so many wonderful memories of Fantasy Faire – the magical sims, meeting so many awesome wonderful artists and bloggers and other delightful people. I’ll never forget nearly drowning in sand in the Shifting Sands jail, or the elephant in Devil’s Locket, or haunting Nu Orne the last day of the Faire. The coolest thing that happened was running into the teacher who taught me in the Other World to make the beautiful Julian fractals I used in the Orrery series! And we made over Six Million Lindens for Relay for Life!

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