The Accessories Hunt: Pinwheels and Pearls

There is an option in Ultrafractal to make an image into a kaleidoscope, and every user goes through a phase of kaleidoscoping EVERYTHING. It’s fun, it’s impressive, and it’s a great way to focus in on some detail of an image, creating a new pattern out of that detail.

I love real kaleidoscopes and I’ve been through three or four kaleidoscope phases with my fractals. It’s like watching fireworks! I love it when I get a chance to use one of these cool images to make something.  Here is the premier of a new series of fractal silk scarves, starting out with a bang. I hope you like it.

Spyralle Pinwheels Silk Scarf with Pearl Pin - TAH

Spyralle Pinwheels Silk Scarf with Pearl Pin – The Accessories Hunt

You can’t buy it, at least not yet. This is Spyralle’s gift for the Accessories Hunt in June. The scarf comes in a men’s version as well as a women’s, and each version comes with or without the pin. The pin is also included separately to wear as a lapel pin.

The jumbo pearl makes use of one of the glowing orb textures I’ve been finding in my steampunkish Apophysis images. You’ve seen these in my Orrery furniture pieces. I love the depth and subtlety of color in these orbs.

Hair – Truth Isla in Macaroon
Skin – Pulse Valeries Wheat III M3 Freckled
Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes in Egyptian Blue
Sweater – Gisaci Classic Boucle Sweather in Creme
Pants – Armidi Limited Denim Cotton Jumpsuit in Hazel
Pose – Glitterati Vendors 7

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