Pearly Banners for the Summer Breeze Hunt

Spyralle Shell Fractal Banners for the Summer Breeze Hunt

“Shell” banners from Spyralle for the Summer Breeze Hunt

In general, I have not participated in a lot of hunts, but right now I am in three, and it has been a very valuable experience. Several months ago I had an important epiphany about hunts. I realized that they are an opportunity – not just to get “traffic” in my store and “publicize my brand” but to make something new with no thought to whether it might “sell” or how to sell it.

In short, hunts have become, for me, excuses to create art on a small scale – or, sometimes, not so small. They are – like Burn2 and my “Fractal a Day” project and the gloriously gaudy SL9B build I finished last night (pictures later) – laboratory exercises in creativity and technical problem-solving. No matter how rushed I am to meet the deadline, I always learn something useful or find some great resource that supports the work going forward.

The iridescent surfaces of these banners come from a series of fractal images developed (as so much of my work) from the huge collection of experimental and exploratory images I made during my first obsessed infatuation with UltraFractal ten years ago. I had not taken a class, I “knew” nothing: it was all discovery and productive mistakes. Going back through that treasure trove, I never fail to find some wonderful starter parameter where I can apply all I’ve learned since then to make new art and new things for the pixel world.

The current challenge is figuring out how to combine these images with the sculpted and mesh forms in SL. Sometimes the solution is to keep them separate but attach them: banners to banner standards. In the breeze, on the beach, at sunset. I’ll have that margarita now, thank you.

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