While I Was Away, Part 1

There were hunts and events I had signed up for, so I made sure that I found enough grid time to put together a few fractal delights, both small and large. The first picture is a crazy confection of a skybox for the “If I Were Rich” Hunt. It ended August 31, but I will leave the prize out until U. S. Labor Day. After that it may be for sale at some future date.

Spyralle Fantasy Sky Ballroom – IIWR Hunt 2012
Original fractal images by Kerryth Tarantal.

The “Make a Wish” Hunt happened just as I left SL to deal with some RL things, so I completed a build I did not use for SL9B. This, too, will be available when I have a place to put it out for sale or on Marketplace.

Spyralle Filigree Observation Tower

Spyralle Filigree Observation Tower

In the meantime, you CAN find this table in my store. The repoussé work is one of my kaleidoscope fractals.

Spyralle Brass Repousse Accent Table

Spyralle Brass Repousse Accent Table

It’s just the sort of trifle you might have picked up in Morocco whilst journeying in your steampunk airship…

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