Grab some popcorn. The Cinema is open! Hang a right into the Action Adventure auditorium and settle right down in front of “FRACT: The Euclidian Legacy.” (Spyralle production, Kerryth Tarantal creation)

In a world where mesh rules and all the cool kids look like, well, kids, there are rational grown-up forces fighting for balance, accuracy and – above all – Precision. Welcome to Spyralle’s frAction Adventure!

Denominator - a fractal costume from Spyralle

Denomin8or – The Force Beneath – Spyralle’s frAction Adventure Exclusive for Cinema

Numerator - a fractal costume exclusive for Cinema from Spyralle

Num3rat0r – She’s Over The Top! – a frAction Adventure exclusive to Cinema from Spyralle

Out of town when advance tickets were on sale, we squeaked in right before the previews. Compliments to The Management! This is the most awesome event we’ve been in for a while. And the most fun. I mean, how often do you get to pull out all the stops, let your imagination run wild, and make costumes built around geeky math puns? Or go crazy with typography and not worry about tastefulness? I love it. Thank you, Ruby and Hottie Cooterati!





(Credits coming)

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