The walls between the worlds

Once I wrote, on another blog, about the fragility of the interface between our physical and pixel worlds. How we take that connection so much for granted that when it fails we find ourselves lost, to some degree. Literally, we lose selves. This year many of our friends and colleagues have found themselves separated forcefully from their shadow, pixel worlds by the powerful force of weather. I pray for them.

Spyralle Fractal Mesh Mask - Rage (Riverbend Series)

Rage – a fractal mesh mask from Spyralle, #5 in the Riverbend series

At this time of year many traditions recognize and celebrate the touching of older worlds. The living and the dead. The physical and the spirit. The Seelie and the Unseelie. The seen and the unseen. It is said that the walls between the worlds grow thin at that cross-quarter day, halfway between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, when the leaves have fallen, the nights grow long, and the hope of growth and fertility seems extinguished by rot and withering.

Spyralle fractal mesh mask - Riverbend series #3 Lightning

Spyralle fractal mesh mask – Riverbend series #3 Lightning

We fight our old primal fear that the light and warmth and life will never come back again by holding holiday, by celebrating, by laughing – if we can – at darkness and fear. We wear disguises to pass as guests on the other side of the walls between worlds. We light fires and make music and dance. We hope.

These masks are for hope and beauty and energy as the world turns dark. They are decorated with two related series of fractal images, one symmetrical – Botanica, one asymmetrical – Riverbend – both organic and complex. As the nights grow longer, find them returning color to the darkness, at Spyralle.

Riverbend and Botanica fractal mesh masks from Spyralle

Riverbend and Botanica fractal mesh masks from Spyralle

Riverbend and Botanica were introduced at the Halloween Gacha event at Amira. This weekend they return to Spyralle for a few days.

Hair: Dakota by Cake, in Black
Eyes: IKON Sunrise Eyes, in Silver & Rust
Skin: Tuli Hope Goth – group gift, no longer available
Jacket: Dictator Shrug by Digit Darkes
Collar: Pixel Dolls

Hair: Lelutka Rykiel, in Arctic
Eyes: IKON Sunris in Egyptian Blue
Skin: Tres Blah “Hiccup” from Designers United Vaudeville event
Dress: Spyralle Gossamer Frost layered over Gossamer Peacock.

Just a note about availability…
I am primarily a designer, not a blogger, so when I make photographs of my work, I choose freely from the palette of items in my inventory to create a setting and context for my work. Many of the things I use are no longer available in Second Life®. Please consider them “vintage.” I am sorry if anyone feels inconvenienced by this. Many similar items are out there to be found.

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