Cosy Velvet for My Second Box

I’ve been waiting four years to make this.

Spyralle Whisper Velvet Tunic

Spyralle Whisper Velvet Fractal Tunic (partial mesh)

These fractals are Gaussian Integer overlays on a pastel base, and I have been drawing them in UltraFractal for ages. I’ve used them for clothing before, but this is what I always wanted to do with them. Now, with mesh, I can.

This tunic comes with a system layer insert, a chemisette (female version of a dickey, heh) with a mandarin collar you can wear as an option. I like it better “with.” The alpha works with or without the chemisette. The stretch leggings are included.

Find out how you can get this and four other lovely gifts at My Second Box.

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