Genre: Sci-Fi

We are all alien.

Sensory Enhancement Modules #415 - Spyralle

Sensory Enhancement Modules #415 – Spyralle

Let us celebrate our differences and love our individuality. Explore the Other at this month’s Genre event. The theme is Sci-fi. The creations are out of this world.

Spyralle Sensory Enhancement Module 415a Mask

Spyralle Sensory Enhancement Module 415a Mask

Spyralle Sensory Enhancement Module 415b Headpiece

Spyralle Sensory Enhancement Module 415b Headpiece

This project began as an attempt to create feathers from a very old Fractint image of mine, circa October, 1999. The 256 color palette of this old open-source DOS program, plus some of the error-forgiving hacks built into the code, allowed for certain accidental effects I have not been able to duplicate in more advanced fractal generating software. In this case, it was a glittering iridescence in feather strands. I harvested the thread areas and built feathers, almost literally barb by barb. And then I ended up putting the texture on tentacles.

The mask is derived from one of my Fractal-a-day images of 2012. It happened to be in the same color range as the feathers, so combining them was natural. A detail of the same image provided the glowing blue of the nautilus shell. The pearls are a happy product of some of the most simple flames you can create with Apophysis. I love the unexpectedness of the chartreuse. And I love the word, chartreuse.

Who says the future must be grey and mechanical, all terror and explosions? Why couldn’t it be gentle and whimsical and full of color, with gardens and windmills and bicycles? And pretty things to wear. In colors like violet and aquamarine and chartreuse…

Top: Spyralle Heliconia (not available at present; returning soon)
Hair: Amacci hairbase
Skin: Alas, I did not write it down, but it is Curio.
Eyes: IKON Sunrise

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