Genre: Art Deco

There was so much awesome design and style in the 20th Century. I’ve been falling in and out of love with Art Deco all my life … mostly “in” for quite a while now. So it was with great excitement that I stumbled last year upon a fractal that morphed, as I worked with it, from looking vaguely like the Starship Enterprise to something that looked like an architectural detail from the movie “Metropolis.” I made dozens and dozens of parameter sets, thinking “I have to find a way to use these!”

And now I have! Genre is open for the new round and the theme is Art Deco. And I’ve been making a lot of lighting and learning to make mesh and so…

Spyralle Inspiration Mesh Art Deco Sconces

Spyralle Inspiration Mesh Art Deco Sconces

The hardest part was choosing a reasonable number of images to fit into the prim allowance for the event. I had to settle for five, and I’ll have to extend the series and find other cool things to do with these images. Guess which one is my favorite…

The wallpaper is a repeating design built from an old Fractint fractal, originally neon green and very toned down here. People think of fractals as being all swirly and complex. I’ve always been drawn to the geometric, graphic ones and made hundreds over the years. I’ve been able to use a bunch of them in a big project just completed. Stay tuned!

And go to Genre for your Deco fix! The location is new; it’s moved to Analog Dog.


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