ThornTiger, Twig & Leaf, Ocean

Spyralle ThornTiger Wings

Spyralle ThornTiger Wings

Please forgive me for not blogging these sooner. They are in the Medieval Fantasy Hunt ending June 30, and they are free until then. I blame the delay on my desire to release the matching fantasy outfit ThornTiger as a long-planned group gift. But the weavings of life carry thorns, and it can take time to untangle them.

Spyralle ThornTiger Dress - Exclusively for Members of Spyralle Studio

Spyralle ThornTiger – Exclusively for Members of Spyralle Studio

The gift will come out of the shadows today for members of Spyralle Studio in Second Life.

Spyralle ThornTiger Deluxe - Group Gift

Spyralle ThornTiger Deluxe – Group Gift

ThornTiger is in fact the prototype for the Thornweaver series. The fierce juxtaposition of the thorny web and almost stripey membrane reminded me of a tiger, but I chose other colors for the initial release, and this was set aside. Enjoy!

New Colors of ThornWeaver!

Spyralle Thornweaver Wings - Twig & Leaf

Spyralle Thornweaver Wings – Twig & Leaf

Spyralle Thornweaver Wings - Ocean

Spyralle Thornweaver Wings – Ocean

Why make just one, when you can make several? The blue and green versions of Thornweaver have also been on the drawing board for some time – now out at Spyralle for you to dream and dance in.

My informal customer survey persuaded me to leave the Tango appliers in the sets for a while, so they’ll be in until next weekend, and they’ll stay in the RFL edition until the Relay is over.

ThornTiger Wings
Hair: Adeline w/Roots in Seasand from Truth
Skin: Astrid from Pulse
Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise” in Silver & Rust

Other Photos
Hair: Evelyn from Truth in Champagne and Almond
Skin: Jewel Shell Light, Emerald 1, from Curio
Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Egyptian Blue

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