A Rare Event: Spyralle August Sale

Spyralle Sale August 2013

Spyralle Sale August 2013

And … it may be quite a long time until the next one. But you do have until Monday, September 2.

For members of Spyralle Studio, gifts are out – some you may have missed from the past, and a new gift. This group exclusive color will never be for sale. The group is free to join until the end of the sale.

Spyralle Baroquette Lulu Skirt - Grapevine - Group Gift

Spyralle Baroquette Lulu Skirt – Grapevine – Group Exclusive

I don’t know why these Lulu pictures all have that “I’m so bored with St. Tropez; I’d rather be in Ireland” look, but they do. Maybe because it’s almost September, and it’s so hot. I assure you, I am NOT bored with St. Tropez. Or I would not be, if I were there. Maybe she’s just bemused because she has no idea why he called after all this time.

Hair: Elikatira Return in Brown 06
Skin: Pulse Alexia Fawn M1
Top: Callie Cline Signature Tank
Pose: Marukin Rouge “Say You’ll Remember”

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