Color Interlude

In the turning of the seasons I released a couple of new texture sets and re-released an older one that people really seem to like. All of these are, or were, hunt prizes. My plans to open a permanent texture department in Spyralle have been on hold during this extremely busy year. But every now and then, some little preview emerges from the coming Infinitum.

Spyralle Infinitum Snowflakes and Stars Full Perm

Spyralle Infinitum Snowflakes and Stars Full Perm Texture Set

The stars and snowflakes are all alphas. The glow is an artifact of the fractal gradient, white to transparent. I had to put them over dark backgrounds to work with them and to show them here, but they have no backgrounds in the set.

Spyralle Orange Lightning - Full Perm Texture Set

Spyralle Infinitum Orange Lightning – Full Perm Texture Set

Please forgive this little flashback to Halloween. I’ve been playing with variations of these fractals for a little over a year now, though I did not start using them in world until recently. This is a very simple Julia with an orbit trap overlay and a kaleidoscope mapping especially for this set. Most of my full perm releases are kaleidoscopes because I expect they are easier to use for most people. But I could be wrong…!

The next set is not a kaleidoscope but a fractal with a cyclic repeat. This is the kind of thing you can get if you look for formulas that include trig functions.

Spyralle 7 Deadly Sins Full Perm Border Texture Set

Spyralle 7 Deadly Sins Full Perm Border Texture Set

When the “Seven Deadly Sins” set was originally released for a hunt, the patterns all had a black background. The re-release includes an alpha version of each color, no background. The poster shows the whole repeat, divided into bands showing each of the seven colors. It does not do them justice.

From time to time these are out as weekend specials, and I do hope to open Infinitum if things ever quiet down, which they show no sign of doing.

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  1. issismyst says:

    Great! Used to have your banners everywhere on Issis’s stuff. I’ll have to get some textures for you to make some new things. I’m behind and still need to make our sales yard’s Christmas pressies. LOL

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