Genre: Merfolk

Genre goes underwater for the March-April round, spilling treasure in all directions.  Spyralle offers these finny headpieces. They are unisex, mod, unrigged.

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece - Blue

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece – Blue

Original mesh and original fractals by Kerryth.

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece - Dawn

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece – Dawn

The stylized spiral and ripples suggest whirlpools, shells, curling horns.  The base formula is another old public formula from the Fractint days. Most of these are one layer; some have a decomposition overlay for added color depth.

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece - Shell

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece – Shell

The hair is Siiri from Emo-tions. The top and scales are part of the lovely Lumina Nymph outfit from Evie’s Closet. The skins are Mokatana by Glam Affair in Petal (Waverider Blue) and The Visitor by Curio in Petal Dark (Dawn) and Nebula (Shell and Surf). All poses from from the Avantgarde Line 1 set from Di’s Opera.

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece - Surf

Spyralle Waverider Headpiece – Surf

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    i search this top?

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