Cruising Fashion for Life

The dress spoke to me in Greek. I was in that twilight zone of insufficient sleep when fractal bonded to mesh and spoke of sunlight on ancient islands in the Mediterranean, the Aegean. “Mykonos” the dress said. I had to look up the Greek word for Island, the anglicized spelling: Nisi.

Spyralle Nisi Mykonos Set

Spyralle Nisi Mykonos Set

Soft gauze in wispy layers, patterned with the colors of sunlight and mist, sky and sea. You on the deck of the yacht with the wind in your hair.

Spyralle Nisi Ikaria Set

Spyralle Nisi Ikaria Set

Ancient and modern. Memory and anticipation.

Spyralle Nisi Kythira Set

Spyralle Nisi Kythira Set

Spyralle’s Nisi dresses are available exclusively at Fashion for Life until June 20.

Hair: Abbey from Elikatira
Skin: Jewel Pure 1 in Amber Light from Curio
Hat: sur+ [strawww hat]
Feet: N-core

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