Art in Hats – Hats in Art 2014

This delightful exhibition is a collaboration between Second Life designers and photographers, celebrating the art of the hat. Both hats and images are for sale, and an auction will benefit the “Feed a Smile” charity. There will be a fashion show on June 21.

I was thrilled to be invited to show some of my recent headpieces in the Exhibition and to be teamed with brilliant photographer Sina Souza, whose moody atmospheric image are simply amazing. I can’t show them here; you’ll have to go and see them!

The show includes the second jewelled hood in my Silk Road series, “Starry Dance.”

Spyralle Silk Hood - Starry Dance

Spyralle Silk Hood – Starry Dance

The first hood in the series is “Dyers Guild,” created for the Silk Road Hunt, continuing through June 30.  This is at Spyralle only, free to hunters.

Spyralle Silk Hood - Dyers' Guild

Spyralle Silk Hood – Dyers’ Guild

The hood and brooch are original mesh, textured with original fractal images. They are unrigged and can be resized and repositioned.

The third in the series is “Oasis Path” – one of the gifts in the Passport game at Fashion for Life.

Spyralle Silk Hood - Oasis Path

Spyralle Silk Hood – Oasis Path

The fourth hood, “The Parchment Scroll,” will be a free gift at Spyralle later this month and will be announced in world.

Spyralle Silk Hood - The Parchment Scroll

Spyralle Silk Hood – The Parchment Scroll

Also shown at Art in Hats, Spyralle’s Waverider Pacific crown, released at Fantasy Faire 2014 and the Cage Collar – Cryo, which made a brief debut at World Goth Fair. I will show the collars in a future post.

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