Genre: Arabia

Genre Arabia opened on the 15th of June. Here are some jewels for your garden, a place for Scheherazade to tell her tales…

Spyralle Pearl Gazebo

Spyralle Pearl Gazebo

Spyralle Jewel Gazebo

Spyralle Jewel Gazebo

I had spent nearly a week recreating my Silk Road fantasy gazebo in mesh with the intention of releasing a mesh version for Genre. It was going well, but at the 11th hour things went wrong when I tried to upload the file and the result was double the land impact of the prim original. Not being expert enough to figure it out in time, I made all new textures for the prim/sculpt original and tweaked the build a little, so there are prims at Genre from Spyralle. And why not? Whatever works best at any given time, is best, and sometimes the old ways work better.

The pendants fringing the roof were created from a rather old lace fractal I had in my project pile for a tattoo that never got released. I straightened out the curve, plated them in gold and overlaid them on some of the lovely glassy patterns you can get with the difference blending mode in UltraFractal. The same glass effect shows on the main images seen on roof and floor.

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