Baroque at Genre

Spyralle Fontange with roses

Spyralle Fontange with roses

Always so much fun! Genre has challenged and stretched and delighted me as a designer in no small way over the past year and a bit. Baroque is this month’s Genre theme.

Baroque. When most people think of the Baroque, they think of the late 18th Century – Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Georgian hoops and furbelows. I think J. S. Bach and Louis XIV – a rather different look, but equally fluffy and ornamental.

Fontange headdress - about 1693

Fontange headdress – about 1693

The hair/headdress style known variously as fontange, frelange and other names has always appealed to me, with its high lace ornament at the front of the head. I interpreted the fontange in mesh, textured with a fractal (of course!) lace.  A version without the roses is included at Genre.

Spyralle Fontange without roses

Spyralle Fontange without roses

For those who are curious about such things, here is the base fractal from which the lace was derived. It is a formula called royal2, and this is the plain, raw formula output before I did many things to it in Ultra Fractal (layers, coloring algorithms, masking, gradient adjustment, mapping, etc.). The same base fractal was the start for the snowflake lace on the cap.

Fractal Image by Kerryth Tarantal - origin of fontange lace

Fractal Image by Kerryth Tarantal – origin of fontange lace

Skin: Glam Affair – Katya – Europa 01 C
Makeup: La Petite Morte – Marie Antoinette full makeup – Bonus (at Genre)
Beauty Mark Tattoo: La Petite Morte (at Genre)
Hair: BooN KGI848 in platinum
Gown: Ivalde – Aurelia pink baroque gown

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