California Inspiration

At the beginning of the last week of August, 2014, I went out to California for nine days to visit and assist with preparations for a family wedding. Most of that time I spent in semi-rural Sonoma County, completely away from the internet. Late at night I would sit down and work for a while on my jewelry projects, and I found that the sights, the sounds, the colors – even the smells – of that time and place became bound up in the work – in the choice of fractals, the building of mesh forms.



Typically I begin with the fractal image and build the form around it – as in the Blossom and Teardrops series – or intentionally against it – as the hard trapezoids of the Riverbend pieces cut across the sinuous flow of the fractal river.

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace - Mojave

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace – Mojave

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace - Guerneville

Spyralle Riverbend Necklace – Guerneville

The night I arrived, we were all shaken awake by the Napa earthquake – which led me to reach out to a series of bold and broken geometric fractals I have been exploring for over ten years: the mathematics of unpredictability and sudden dislocation.

Earthquake - Napa 2014

Earthquake – Napa 2014

And then, sometimes, it is simply about the fun of surface ornamentation and embellishment – as in the Sonoma series. Just golden light and beautiful landscape and good food and fine wine and plenty of laughter with dear people under the trees as the sky turns orange and then purple and the temperature drops like a stone.



Spyralle Enamel Cuff - Sonoma Fog

Spyralle Enamel Cuff – Sonoma Fog

Spyralle Enamel Cuff - Sonoma Fiesta

Spyralle Enamel Cuff – Sonoma Fiesta

This collection – and the (somewhat tongue in cheek) setting I created for it at Jewelry Fair 2014 – are also a salute to all the wonderful little galleries and shops from Healdsburg to Sausalito where I spent entirely too much time and not nearly enough money.  I hope you enjoy it.

Spyralle’s California Inspiration collection is exclusive to Jewelry Fair until September 28. All meshes and textures created by Kerryth Tarantal.


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