Eye of the Cyclone

Cyclone Body Adornments from Spyralle

Cyclone from Spyralle for Mystic Realms Faire

Fury drove this design and the styling. Every mesh project catches some new wind, and everything that happens goes into the work somewhere. If you just keep on going, you eventually get somewhere, no matter what wind blows against you.

Spyralle Cyclone Body Adornments Full Set

Spyralle Cyclone Body Adornments

The Cyclone project confirmed something I was already coming to understand about my 3D mesh work: I prefer to approach form from a mathematical perspective.  While I seldom have a complete mental image of where I am going, my choices along the way are not random.  It often takes two or three starts to settle on the approach that will give me the form, the movement I seek – and the chosen solution nearly always turns out to be mathematical: a basic shape manipulated, a conic section, the simplest of beginnings.

Spyralle Cyclone Headpiece

Spyralle Cyclone Headpiece

And sometimes, the simplest of endings. I delight in ornamentation as much as anybody, but sometimes it truly detracts. Cyclone went through a stage of draped chains and dripping beads and … stuff. I took all of that off. The pure form was more powerful without it.  I am more interested in power than in being conventional.

Spyralle Cyclone Neckpiece

Spyralle Cyclone Neckpiece

There is more here than meets the eye. Tiny invisible light sources in the lenses on face and chest cast a subtle glow on the skin, if your settings permit.  The lenses or eyes can be turned “off,” but the lights remain.  Their ghosts can be seen in the first photograph above.

Spyralle Cyclone Arm Ornaments

Spyralle Cyclone Arm Ornaments

Not bracelets, not bracers.  Weapons, perhaps? When an aimed elbow is not enough? But they do look ornamental in a somewhat dangerous way. The arm pieces are already mirrors of each other (and aimed so as not to put out the eye of the wearer; all others beware) but the head and neck pieces come with mirror versions, so you can go clockwise, counterclockwise or both.

Simplicity won out in every aspect of this design. I set aside metal and seams and rivets and covered the pure forms with clouds of pixel-generated plasma patterns in the restrained palette of clouds.  The eyes, like the whorls of weather seen from space. are just spirals out of one of my favorite old Fractint library fomulas, irregular and organic to the eye but pure mathematics.

Cyclone is exclusive to Mystic Realms Faire for the duration of the event.  The ornaments are available as a set or individually. Each option comes with a HUD to change textures.

Tattoo/bodysuit: Spyralle Waverider (more PG than it looks)
Hair: [Gauze] Strider
Skin: Glam Affair Rose 03 in Pearl
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes in Parchment
Poses: {NanTra} and Di’s Opera

Work with fractals feeds the skill of pattern recognition. I know this wind. It may slow me down for a while, but it did not blow me off course before and it will not do so now. I will keep coming.

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