Five Years

Spyralle 5th Anniversary Sale November 3 - 9

Spyralle 5th Anniversary Sale November 3 – 9

Spyralle is five years old. Every year has been better than the one before, and for that I sincerely thank the customers and fans who continue to collect this art. I try to make it different. I hope I make it beautiful.

Storewide markdown sales are rare at Spyralle because I participate in so many outside events and have a hard time fitting in a solo event on the home turf, but a sale is overdue. I need to make room for a big backlog of new work, so this is the last hurrah for many older designs.  Everything is half price or lower.

And there’s a hunt! We’ve never had a store hunt before, though Spyralle has participated in many grid hunts. It was a lot of fun to put this together, and I will be adding maybe a couple more things during the week. There are several unisex items and at least two wearable things for guys. Some of the hunt prizes are for Spyralle Studio group members only, but over half of them are hidden for anybody to find. One hint: Don’t just look on the floor!

Spyralle Studio is the store group to join, if you want to do the whole hunt and pick up any group gifts coming up. It is our policy to have a joining fee when gifts are available; in between, the group is free. Spyralle Studio will be free to join again after November 9 when the sale and hunt are over.

Infinitum textures are not included in the sale.

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