The Turning of the Year

At Seelie Court, Winter Is Coming. Spyralle brings you four gowns to celebrate the changing season. I call them Owl Moon because the fractal I used reminds me of owls.

Spyralle Owl Moon Gown - November

Spyralle Owl Moon Gown – November

You can see it in the feather texture on the bodice and the spiral “eyes” on sleeves and skirt.  I have a great fondness for owls.

Each “month” of Owl Moon was textured separately with a new fractal colored to reflect the seasonal moods – the brilliant colours of autumn shading into the subtler palette of winter.

Spyralle Owl Moon - Autumn to Winter

Spyralle Owl Moon – Autumn to Winter

These images also remind me of two of my favorite folk art traditions, the Celtic and the native art of northwest North America. I hope these dresses express a little bit of the spirit of both.

The original image I created in 2002 (2014 monochrome version shown below) has been the basis of numerous fractal explorations and images in my fractal catalog, plus several works in Second Life, most recently in the banners of my 2014 Burn2 build.



The year continues to turn, and winter will pass. Will the owls continue to fly? You may count on it!

Owl Moon September through December are exclusive to Seelie Court during this round.

The hair is Ange from D!va, the skin is Katya from Glam Affair, and the pose is one of the Adorkable Advent gifts of 2011. The location is Paradiso.

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