Thames River Frost Fair

It is always so much fun to be a part of Mieville’s creative and lively events and hunts, dreamed up by the inexhaustible imagination of Mayor Perryn Peterson. This year’s winter fair is no exception!  The inspiration for the event is the freezing of the Thames River in 1814, 200 years ago, the last time the river ice was solid enough to support all kinds of partying for several days.

Spyralle has a little booth tucked under the bridge with a selection of prior holiday releases, including some things marked down 50%. All of our new releases are up on the bank in the gatcha house, where the Advent Calendar is located. (Very convenient!)

We have two gatchas at the fair, one with a new edition of the mesh wreaths introduced last year.

Spyralle Crystal Wreath Gacha

Spyralle Crystal Wreath Gacha at Mieville’s Thames River Frost Fair

The mesh wreaths are 1 LI, but watch the sizing because they pop up to 2 if you enlarge them much. In the old days, though, each would have taken dozens of prims. The UltraRare wreath is decorated with glass ball ornaments glammed up with one of Spyralle’s “pearl” textures (simple flame fractals generated in Apophysis). I revised the mesh from last year’s version to cut the LI even more, so even with the ornaments the wreath is only 3 LI. Lots of colors, so have a try.

Spyralle 2014 Ornament Collection Gacha

Spyralle 2014 Ornament Collection Gacha at the Thames River Frost Fair

Longtime fans of Spyralle and its predecessor Kerryth Tarantal Studio may remember that I used to release a special edition set of Christmas ornaments at holiday time, showing textures from the year’s art gallery shows.  After the gallery shows were phased out in favor of Spyralle’s present product mix, the special ornament collections were discontinued. This year, they return!

The new version is original mesh by Kerryth with a very fancy detailed gold hanger that does not show up in the above photo. The glass designs belong to a series of fractals I’ve been working with for over a year. They suggest painted folk art motifs, and I’ve been making lots of things with them in all kinds of colors. If you’re lucky, you might score the entire set of 12, the UltraRare prize on the gatcha.

There are plenty of fun things to do at the Thames River Frost Fair  – shopping, skating, games, dancing, a mini-hunt and a free daily gift at the Advent Calendar.  Bring friends and family for a great outing.

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