Genre: The Ancients


December’s round of Genre opened on December 15 and runs until January 11.  This month’s theme is “The Ancients.” Classic Greece and Rome are well represented, also ancient Egypt and other cultures.

Spyralle Atana Chiton - Silver

Spyralle Atana Chiton – Silver

Inspired by the chiton garment of ancient Greece, Spyralle offers Atana, a somewhat modernized take on this classic garment – a tube of cloth that was fastened at the shoulders and belted at the waist.

Spyralle Atana Chiton - Gold

Spyralle Atana Chiton – Gold

Fractals images being a distinctly modern phenomenon, I knew Spyralle’s Genre release would be more “inspired by” than a historic recreation. I used a repeating pattern that reminded me of “Greek key” border designs and the spirals that were popular in many cultures of the ancient world. (You’ll also find this pattern on the Sonoma bracelets at Spyralle!)

Spyralle Atana Chiton - Plum

Spyralle Atana Chiton – Plum

Although we tend to think of ancient clothing as being pristine white, it wasn’t. People have always loved to dye and embellish their clothing, and the Greeks were no exception. Those marble statues were painted when they were new!

Spyralle Atana Chiton - Blue

Spyralle Atana Chiton – Blue

The Atana dress also takes more than a little inspiration from the clothing of the Minoan civilization of ancient Crete. Minoan women’s costume was significant for being the first to be sewn to fit the body, also for bold use of color and pattern. Atana is the Minoan variant of the name Athena.

Spyralle Atana Chiton - Green

Spyralle Atana Chiton – Green

Atana is exclusive at Genre for the duration of the event at the special event price. Five colors are available; each comes in five standard sizes.

Hair: Evelyn from Truth
Skin: Jewel from Curio (no longer available)
Feet: Slink
Eyes: IKON Sunrise Eyes in Egyptian Blue

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