Something like the icy rime of winter on the brittle sedge

A Tattered Page [*citation needed] second edition opened on January 7 in a dusty old library somewhere in the vicinity of our memories and dreams. The inspiration this time is Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, a strange and lovely book – a collection of related short stories – that has grown stranger and lovelier in the almost-60 years since its publication in book form.

Spyralle Tatters of Blue Rain, inspired by The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Spyralle Tatters of Blue Rain, inspired by The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Spyralle’s release for A Tattered Page is this costume inspired by a passage in the 1948 short story “The Off Season” which is about two thirds of the way through the book. Here is the full passage:

He did not turn. He felt a cold wind blowing. He was afraid to turn. He felt something in the seat behind him, something as frail as your breath on a cold morning, something as blue as hickory-wood smoke at twilight, something like old white lace, something like a snowfall, something like the icy rime of winter on the brittle sedge.

There was a sound as of a thin pane of glass broken – laughter. Then silence. He turned.

The young woman sat at the tiller bench quietly. Her wrists were thin as icicles, her eyes as clear as the moons and as large. Steady and white. The wind blew at her and, like an image on cold water, she rippled, silk standing out from her frail body in tatters of blue rain.

“Go back,” she said.

“The Off Season” relates one of the few direct encounters between the last surviving native Martians and the colonists from Earth, relentlessly stuck in the mid-twentieth century Midwestern America that is the home ground of Bradbury’s fiction.

The stories are set in the then-future of 1999-2026; “The Off Season” is set in 2005. Though later printings of The Martian Chronicles attempted to “re-futurize” this science fiction classic by moving the dates forward, they are indelibly tied to the time they were written by culture, style and viewpoint – which can make the modern reader feel almost as alien as the Martians.

Spyralle Tatters of Blue Rain Neckpiece, also available separately

Spyralle Tatters of Blue Rain Neckpiece, also available separately

Tatters of Blue Rain is a rigged mesh gown in five standard sizes, with a separate unrigged neckpiece/collar and optional flexible drapes in the back (shoulder attachment). The neckpiece is unisex and is also available by itself, so you can purchase it without buying the dress, of you have no use for dresses. The stand-alone neckpiece does not come with the drapes, but if you want them, please contact me to discuss. If this is a popular option, I will add them and send them buyers.

The fractals used for this project are a series I began working with late last year. Finding a good new formula in Ultra Fractal is a matter of exploration and discovery, much like finding a new planet or a great new book, and just about as exciting, in my view.  When I finally updated Ultra Fractal in October I set out on some voyages of exploration and stumbled on a real find, this lacy creature in the public domain formulas. I popped one of my own gradients on it and started playing with it and knew exactly which Martian Chronicle it belonged to.

Fractal image by Kerryth Tarantal

Fractal image by Kerryth Tarantal

Fortunately, the formula allows for plenty of customization, so I expect this is not the last you will see of this lace.

“Tatters of Blue Rain” is also at Spyralle’s main store during the event. I have not yet decided whether I will retire it completely when Martian Chronicles closes. (ATP no longer requires releases to be exclusive). It is not yet available in other colors.

“Tatters of Blue Rain” was photographed in Bryn Oh’s Mayfly windlight with pose from the Requiem set by {NanTra}. The hair is one of my favorites, Strider by Gauze. The eyes are Glowing Eyes from Fallen Gods. The skin is The Visitor from Curio, unfortunately no longer available.

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