Return of the Glass Gazebo

This is a rebuild in mesh of one of my favorite projects from a couple of years ago…

Spyralle Rose Gazebo v2

Spyralle Rose Gazebo v2

I kept setting this aside for other commitments, but I finally finished them in January. The Rose is one of three new colors. There is a Valentine version, which is available exclusively at Valentines in Vegas on Mieville Shelley – with a special price too.

Spyralle Valentine Gazebo Special Edition

Spyralle Valentine Gazebo Special Edition

The third new color is Opal.

Spyralle Opal Gazebo v2

Spyralle Opal Gazebo v2

The three colors of the prim version – Jade, Jewel and Pearl – are also out in the new version. Although these photographs were done with Full Bright turned on, the gazebos come with Full Bright off.  However, they are modifiable, so you can turn it back on, if you like. You can also shrink the gazebo down to Petites or Tinies size – which also reduces the land impact significant.y.

Like some of my other builds, I’ve used the classic bump map and shine on parts of these structures instead of materials. The way I create my fractal images, the “normal” map is often kind of “built in” to the fractal image and sometimes works better than a separate normal map.  It’s leaner on impact too. I usually make the normal and specular images, compare them to the classic inworld and then use whichever system works better for that particular mesh. The bonus of the classic mode is that people can see it without Advanced Lighting Module turned on – and a lot of SL residents still keep ALM off as a default – and, because these items are mod, you can turn the bump and shine on and off, if you have some object editing experience, without losing an attached normal or specular texture.

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