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Genre: The Dark Arts is still running for a few more days. I hope you won’t miss it.  Spyralle brings you these Dark Artifacts as a set.

Spyralle Dark Artifacts - Spell Seeker and Spell Catcher

Spyralle Dark Artifacts – Spell Seeker and Spell Catcher

The Spell Seeker forehead jewel can be customized by HUD with five pearl gem colors and 4 metals. You can also adjust the glow to six levels from none to blinding. It is mesh, of course, and original, with materials. The pearls are simple flame fractals. The embossing on the metal is derived from a lace fractal image made in Fractint back in 1999.

The five coordinating Spell Catcher tattoos are a spiderweb pattern harvested from a fractal in the tattered lace family I first introduced in Round 2 of A Tattered Page.  Each color of the tattoo was made by setting up a new color gradient in Ultra Fractal. I usually use gradients from the large library I’ve accumulated over the years, but I had to hand-make these in order to keep the transparency in the right place and get some (but not too much) color shifting from the center to the outside. Although I had iterations set to max (and very slow it was!), the program still wouldn’t render all the way to the center of the web, so I put the flame pearls in the middle.

Unfortunately, I do not have my notes on this computer and cannot log in to SL just now, so the credits will be sketchy; for that, and any errors, I apologize. The intriguing hair is KG 1848 from BooN by Boo Nakamura. The skin is Glam Affair, probably Sia, a no brow option. The pants are from Gallactic’s Halcyon series, and the top and scarf are vintage Sn@tch from my insanely vast collection. The eyes are IKON. The pose is probably {NanTra}, but I can’t swear to it.


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