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Spyralle CVT Bracelets Topanga

Spyralle CVT Bracelets Topanga

Biker chic is all over the roadhouse parking lot at Genre this month. I had once made this fractal that suggested gears and speed and mechanical power, so I enameled it on silver cuff bracelets.

CVT by Kerryth Tarantal

‘CVT’ original fractal art by Kerryth Tarantal

After more work in Ultra Fractal on the layers, gradients and blending, I got the image for the first design, Jacinto, with the fire at the heart.

Spyralle CVT Bracelets Jacinto

Spyralle CVT Bracelets Jacinto

Almost every recolor I do for an inworld design means going back to the fractal software and tweaking colors, rendering out a new image and then rebuilding the texture for application to the mesh.

Spyralle CVT Bracelets - Topanga, Corona, Mojave & Pomona

Spyralle CVT Bracelets – Topanga, Coronam Mojave & Pomona

Guys can wear them too.

Going back in California memory to choose the names was kind of a nostalgia trip. It was a little Honda motorcycle, and I wore a helmet always, but you never forget the feel of the wind and that dusty fragrance of summer evenings in the hills and canyons.

For Genre, I made tattoos also.

Spyralle Broken Wings Tattoo Set - Blue

Spyralle Broken Wings Tattoo Set – Blue

Broken Wings is also available in red.

Tank top from Skin is Glam Affair’s Sia in Jamaica tone. The eyes are my favorite IKON Sunrise in Egyptian Blue. The hair is Scribbled Hearts from Exile.

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