Cold Castle Walls

Spyralle Hanging Rugs - Renaissance Faire Series

Spyralle Hanging Rugs – Renaissance Faire Series

Summer may still be with us, north of the Equator, but winter is coming, and your stone castle is going to be cold, cold, cold!  Those huge tapestries weren’t simply decorative, you know. They were insulation.

Prepare your residence for winter’s icy drafts by nailing up a few of these hanging carpets from Spyralle. Persian inspired, fractal patterned, each color is sold separately and only at the Mieville Renaissance Faire until September 30. Purchase directly from the demos.

A floor version of the “Royal” pattern (lower right) is your free gift just for stopping by the Spyralle booth. The package contains a mesh version with subtle ripples and a single prim version.

Spyralle Renaissance Carpet - Royal

Spyralle Renaissance Carpet – Royal

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