Scarab of Eternity

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity

I have never been very fond of insects. This is an understatement. However, recently I have been creating models of them in mesh, which meant I needed to do a lot of research into what insects look like up close, and I am finding it fascinating. Especially beetles – so many amazing forms and colors!

Then Genre came along with the September theme of “The Twilight Zone” and, researching that, I discovered a very creepy episode in one of the later seasons, in which a beautiful movie star, apparently ageless, has an insect pet with interesting super powers. It was a perfect fit with my beetle project!

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity - Cool Color Pack

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity – Cool Color Pack

The scarab proved to be one of the more interesting and complicated pieces of jewelry I’ve ever done, mostly due to a long process of deciding which fractals to use and creating them in all the exact colors I wanted, not to mention a multi-page texture change HUD.

The cool color set was finished in time for September Genre. The others needed to wait on my return from some off Grid travel, but they were added the last week of the round. All three sets made so far (who knows if there will be more?) are now out at Spyralle.

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity Necklace - Warm Color Pack

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity – Warm Color Pack

The most visible textures on the wings and carapace enamel are from worm-like trail of Gaussian integer glows layered over a base image from the public formula Exp04-10 I began working with in January 2003. I do tend to revisit and tweak these images many times!

The body, head and pendants are agate or marbled textures, also created entirely in Ultra Fractal. The pearls are Gaussians created with Apophysis. It is amazing what can be made with these fractal generating tools.

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity Necklace - Twilight Color Pack

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity – Twilight Color Pack

I wanted to make one noirish, monochrome Twilight set honoring the era of black and white TV, but shades of only grey seemed a bit boring. I could not resist putting a little subtle color in. Think of it as reflections and oil slicks on a wet, dark highway, heading to the Twilight Zone.



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