Hunts, Current and Recent, and Special things – November

Spyralle Forest Edge Firestorm Mask

Spyralle Forest Edge Firestorm Mask

The unisex face ornament shown above is a special single-color “Firestorm” version of the Forest Edge mask, made especially for the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt, taking place on all the sims of the new Firestorm Gateway estate (more information here). The avatars are otherwise dressed up in the new Infinity avatars from Fallen Gods, Inc., which I simply love and wear all the time lately. The hair, from Wasabi Pills, comes with the complete Infinity avatar.

In conjunction with the 8th Anniversary Celebration of Fallen Gods, there is also a hunt, running until November 21. The prizes are FABULOUS, but you have to touch the infinity symbol in all the stores before you can get any of them. Then you get ALL of them! First you must equip yourself with the free hunt HUD at Fallen Gods.

Spyralle contributed a jewelry set. Is it unisex? Well, why not?

Spyralle Autumn Leaf - Pumpkin Set

Spyralle Autumn Leaf – Pumpkin Set

The Autumn Leaf set doesn’t quite match the mask – you can’t tell unless you are really, really close up – but they do go together beautifully.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to blog the anniversary event itself. It was great fun, and I was thrilled to be able to have a little something in the marketplace that was set up in the roof garden. I made a new coloring for Wind Rider. It is now back at Spyralle in the central atrium.

Spyralle WindRider Sirocco

Spyralle WindRider Sirocco

I’m not sure I’m done with Wind Rider….

The Grande Olde Horrorfest Hunt is underway after a few days delay.  Due to the late start, it will run until the 15th of November. Pick up information from the kiosk sign in front of the store. You are looking for a pumpkin, and if you find it, you will have more pumpkins!

Spyralle Pumpkin Garden Lamp

Spyralle Pumpkin Garden Lamp

I know it’s November, but pumpkins are not “over.” There’s pie, you know. And holiday ornaments.

The hunt I totally missed covering, sadly, was the Bats in the Belfry Hunt, which ended October 31. The prize is still up in the store – *someplace* – because I forgot where I hid that pumpkin. So if you beat me to it, you can have this cute little nightlight to chase away all the monsters under the bed.

Spyralle Pumpkin Night Light

Spyralle Pumpkin Night Light

Touch the little switch on the base to turn it on and off.


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